Alaska Salmon / Halibut Fishing Adventure


June 25 – July 1, 2023
Sitka, Alaska

1 Hero
$1500 PP (Includes Airfare & $500 Refundable Deposit)

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Alaska Salmon/Halibut Fishing Adventure

Who: 1 Hero


Where: Sitka, AK

When: 25Jun-01Jul20231

Cost: $1,500pp (includes airfare and $500 refundable deposit)2

Head on up to Sitka, AK and spend 5-days on Alaska Coastal Outfitters’ The Huntress with five of our American Heroes.  You’ll have your own private room on this beautiful boat. Fish for whatever bites…salmon, halibut, lingcod, rockfish, and who knows what else.  Each night you’ll dine on your catch of the day. What you don’t eat, you get to bring home!  You may even see pods of orcas swimming around the boat and bears along the shoreline. If you like to fish, if you want to relax, if you want to experience the sheer beauty of southeast Alaska, this is for you.

1 Dates listed for trips may fluctuate slightly due to unforeseeable circumstances.  Please refer to the Waiver Packet on the raffle website.

2 The cost shown for each trip is a per person cost, which includes all airfare, transportation, lodging, meals (except on date nights), drinks (except alcohol), visa fees, firearm fees, hunting/fishing licenses and tags, excursion fees, guides, and gratuity.  $500 is refundable for each person after their trip if they attend.  Please refer to Waiver Packet on the raffle website.

Please Review The Waiver Packet