Adam W. Murray – U.S. Army

Adam W. Murray

U.S. Army
OEF Veteran

I am writing you today because I want to thank you.  I was given an opportunity to learn to fly fish on one of your adventures.  I’m not just thanking you for teaching me the art of fly-fishing but also for the opportunity to be near other veterans whom I could relate to.  Even though I experienced horrific situations, I missed my Corp.  I missed my family.  That’s what it becomes in the service.  It’s a familyIn May, 2015 my wife, Rose, and I took a trip to New Zealand with American Hero Adventures. It was far above and beyond what Rose and I ever expected. I was deployed and injured in ’06 and sent home in ’07. That’s when the difficulties started; PTSD, a fused spine, migraines, hearing loss and the loss of my career really hit our home. The effects of this on my family and me have been tremendous and mostly bad. Thankfully my wife is truly an amazing woman, tolerant and patient. She has been a major source of support and I would not have made it this far without her. While I was out hunting, my wife was taken on a sight-seeing/shopping trip by one of their resident guides and was able to take some incredible photographs of the flora and fauna there. Later in the trip, she even came out on the ram hunt with me (another first) and enjoyed it! Now she wants to come hunting with me stateside; it’s nothing short of a miracle. Again, to American Hero Adventures, we would love to THANK YOU for this amazing adventure. Seeing a true non-profit organization dedicated to serving those who serve is rare and refreshing. It was a great time and one we will never forget.