Benny C. – U.S. Army

This was my first time not only on the Rogue River, but rafting in general. American Hero Adventures really blew my mind away.  As a former Soldier this was a great trip to reconnect with fellow servicemen, relax and let loose in a safe environment.  Being that deep in the woods and able to experience the bounty of nature Oregon has to offer in that setting was priceless and something l will never forget.  When we were going through some of the canyons you could feel the history on the rocks and in the water.  Men as tough as their axe handles dredging through the woods and exploring new territories.  What it must have been like in the 1800’s in this special place.  During the trip, I saw and abundance of wildlife from black bears and deer to rattlesnakes and bald eagles.  Our river guides were professional, genuine and had great stories about the land and history of the Rogue Valley.  The campsites were amazing and getting to sleep near the river in the valley of the canyon was awesome.  Each night the sky was lit up with the stars.  You could see the whole Milky Way as you relaxed and listened to the sound of the Rouge River in the background.  From beginning to end, everyone involved with this trip did an amazing job.  I sincerely thank American Hero Adventures and their sponsors that made this rafting trip happen.  Keep up the great work and thank you for providing this Soldier with the wonderful opportunity to take part in this very special trip.  These memories will be with me forever and I am grateful.  Thank you again.

Benny C.

U.S. Army