Raffle Rules

8th Annual A Night of Honor

Gold, Silver & Black Ticket Raffle

Golden Ticket Winner – ANY AVAILABLE LIVE or SILENT auction item of your choice

Silver Ticket Winner – ANY AVAILABLE SILENT auction item of your choice

Black Ticket Winner – $1,000 to Skeie’s Jewelers

  • A maximum of one hundred (100) Gold, two hundred (200) Silver, and three hundred (300) Black raffle tickets will be sold.

  • Tickets will be available for purchase only through the website from 0900hrs Monday, 23Oct2023 through 2330hrs Friday, 18Nov2023.

  • The drawing will be held during the event on Saturday, 18Nov2023 at the Graduate Hotel in Eugene, OR.

  • There is no limit to how many tickets any one person can purchase.

  • To be eligible to win, ticket purchasers must have RSVP’s for the gala an registered for the auction.

  • To be eligible to win, ticket purchasers must be present at the gala.

  • If the Winner drawn is not present, another Winner will be drawn. This process will occur twice. If neither Winner is present, the prize will go as unclaimed.

  • The drawing order will be Black, Silver, Gold.

  • The Winners of the Gold and Silver raffles will have 30 seconds to identify which item they would like to claim as their prize.

  • Only items that are still available to be bid on at the time of the drawing are eligible to be chosen. Items that have been won using the “Buy Now” option are not eligible.

  • It is the responsibility of the Winner to ensure they meet all legal requirements for any item they choose as their prize.

  • If the Winner chooses a firearm the Winner is responsible for all background check fees.

  • If the Winner chooses a suppressor the Winner is responsible for the $200 NFA tax stamp.

  • No refunds, exchanges, or substitutions of any kind for any reason will be allowed.

  • If you have any questions, please reach out to us at the below contact information.

American Hero Adventures

3003 West 11th Ave #250

Eugene, OR 97402

(541) 246-8476