Javelina “Skunk” Pig Hunt

Last year was so much fun that we decided we had to do it again! This is our second annual “Skunk Pig” hunt in northwest Arizona. However, this is no ordinary hunt. With the guidance from our friends at Big Chino Guide Service, LLC our three Heroes will be going after these odd critters with none other than the Glock G4010mm pistol equipped with a Leupold Optics DeltaPoint and loaded with McNett’s DoubleTap Ammunition. Anyone can make a shot from a few hundred yards away, but can our Heroes get in close? Like 10 yards close? Only one way to find out!

Special thanks to our partners at Big Chino Guide Service, LLC., Glock, Leupold Optics and McNett’s DoubleTap Ammunition for making this adventure possible for our Heroes.